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730g PET Preform
1. 730g PET Preform ()

-55mm neck size, 730g bottle preform
-100% PET virgin resin with IV 0.86.
-High transparency
-High toughness
-High smoothness
-Sanitary/healthy for 5 gallon water packing,with certificate issued by sanitary department.

PET preform
we can offer 700G 730G 760G 800G PET preform for 5 gallon bottle, our products have competitve price and high quali

PET preform
1)100% new materials.
2) High transparency.
3) High toughness
4)We can provide 700G 730G 760G 800G 5 gallon PET preform for 5 Gallon.
5) Our products have passed the national QS certification

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