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32g PET Preform 30mm
1. 32g PET Preform 30mm ()


PET Preform, high-quality Preform
1)100% new PET material IV0.80-0.84
3)suitable for water/food packing

Features of preforms:
1) 100% new material
2) Strict QC
3) High transparency
4) High toughness
5) High smoothness
6) From injection mould with peumatic valve,preform without tail.
7) Different neck sizes (20mm,24mm,28mm, 30mm, 38mm, 45mm, 55mm,68mm,70mm,80mm,100mm,120mm) and neck finish(PCO,BPF,Alcoa 1609) and weight (available from 14g to 800g)
8) We are in position to create preform mould according to clients' requirement.
9) Different color (clear,blue,violet,pink, green, red, white, milky, yellow,brown,grey,silver etc) or additive is addable.


white paper separated in each layer,
-30mm PET bottle preform,32g
-100% virgin material
-High transparency
-High toughness
-High smoothness
-Sanitary for water/soft drink/medicine/cosmetic use

Category: PET Preform
Tages: 32g PET Preform | PET Preform
32g PET Preform
2. 32g PET Preform ()

-28mm PET bottle preform,32g
-100% virgin material
-High transparency
-High toughness
-High smoothness

PET preform

28MM 32G
1)100% new materials
2)High transparency
3)High toughness
4)We can provide any necksize,any weight, any color
5) Our products have passed the national QS certificate
Our PET preform have a highly reputation for competitive price and excellent quality. There are varieties of  PET preform which could be blowing into bottles from 10ML to 5 Gallons.And we can produce any kinds of PET preform according to customers' requirement.

PET preform specification

Necksize Weight (for carbonated soft drink and mineralwater)
26MM 13G 16G 18G
PCO28MM 11G 15G 17G 18G 20G 21G 24G 25G 26G 27G 28G 32G 35G   40G   43G 45G   48G52G56G
25/30MM 14G 15G 16G 18G 20G 23G 25G 32G 34G 38G 43G
38MM 28G 30G 35G 45G 48G 50G 60G 65G 68G 72G 87G
Necksize Weight(for cooking oil )
32MM 20G 30G 35G 40G 47G 50G 55G 60G 70G  80G  
37MM 48G 60G 65G 70G 73 G 85G  
46MM 55G 60G 65G 70G 75G 80G 84G 90G 95G 100G 103G 105G 110G 115G 130G 140G
72MM 175G 140G 238G 255G 290G 300G
Category: PET Preform
Tages: 32g PET Preform | PET Preform
China Blow Molding Machine, PET Preform, PET Preform Mould Manufacturer,Supplier.
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